171 Main Street, Hudson Falls, NY

                  518 747-0931

            Welcome to the

       Hudson River Brewhouse

located at 171 Main Street,

          Hudson Falls, NY. 


 Monday- Closed

Tuesday- Saturday 9:00AM - 9:00PM 

Sunday- 9:00AM - 9:00PM  


This building of 1906 first served as the Sandy Hill National Bank until 1932. It then became the home and shop of Alfred Nikolai Shoe Repair through the early 1990's. This charming, Greek revival has also been home to many other businesses and passions in recent decades.


After noticing it asleep for the past several years, we thought it is a good fit for our coffee shop/brewhouse ambitions. Enjoy the locally crafted beverages, lite fare, internet access, and a relaxed, casual atmosphere.


We hope that you enjoy your visit and plan many return trips with cherished friends and family.  


Truly Great Coffee

We have a clear mission to deliver premium quality coffees as well as new and different roasts to our customers.

We will work to earn your loyalty by bringing bright, bold, beautiful tastes to your morning or afternoon cup.

Visit and enjoy the roasts on hand, served to order, and leave us with your thoughts. 




Amazing Craft Beers

Much like the microbrew movement sweeping our country, our region has been rapidly blossoming with local craft beer breweries, both large and small. 

The range of brews and flavors is staggering and maybe only outdone by the delicious success of their labors and fruits. 

Count on us to offer a nice display of these local brews for your pleasure each week and never hold back on suggestions of what you would want to see us bring in next. 

Wonderful Wines

Always an eye out for up to date, and celebrated wines, both local and distant. 

We offer reds and whites we believe worthy of your inspection, interest and imbibing. 

Settle in for a glass paired with a selection of cheeses and fruits for your pleasure.